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Portrait of a Teacher who has Survived


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Are you following education blogs?

Teachers, parents, educators…what blogs are you regularly reading?  I know you’re busy an stressed beyond measure this time of the year – trying to get everything done before school ends.  … Continue reading

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Understanding Your Child’s Anger

The first time your little one shows anger it just about floors you!  As a mother, I was floored. I was wondering where he learned how to do that?  Then … Continue reading

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Getting Older? – Keep Learning New Things

A quote from Henry Ford:

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Is God in Your Classroom?

He is if you’re one of His children.  If you’re a loving and caring teacher, like most of us are, then it can be said that God could be using … Continue reading

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Why Education Needs Disruption – Say Again?

“Hopefully we can agree that education–as it exists–isn’t good enough. I know this is a tired argument, but it’s an underlying assumption of this concept: education needs reform. Iteration. Evolution. … Continue reading

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Every day is a MIXTURE – some GOOD English, some BAD English or even NO English

Originally posted on AIYSHAH'S ENGLISH PAGE:
(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2i743eQ) No two days are alike – that’s the wonder of life. Sometimes we really want something but nothing happens, and…

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New Year New Beginning?

Of course, I wish that all of you could have a blessed and trauma free 2017. By God’s Grace, I have know many blessings that include my family and friends, … Continue reading

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Autistic Confessions – I Don’t Handle Last Minute Changes Very Well

Originally posted on Anonymously Autistic:
When I set out to do something I need to know the end time and like to know what to expect. For example if I…

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