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Are you following education blogs?

Teachers, parents, educators…what blogs are you regularly reading?  I know you’re busy an stressed beyond measure this time of the year – trying to get everything done before school ends.  … Continue reading

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Understanding Your Child’s Anger

The first time your little one shows anger it just about floors you!  As a mother, I was floored. I was wondering where he learned how to do that?  Then … Continue reading

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Getting Older? – Keep Learning New Things

A quote from Henry Ford:

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Is God in Your Classroom?

He is if you’re one of His children.  If you’re a loving and caring teacher, like most of us are, then it can be said that God could be using … Continue reading

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Why Education Needs Disruption – Say Again?

“Hopefully we can agree that education–as it exists–isn’t good enough. I know this is a tired argument, but it’s an underlying assumption of this concept: education needs reform. Iteration. Evolution. … Continue reading

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Every day is a MIXTURE – some GOOD English, some BAD English or even NO English

Originally posted on AIYSHAH'S ENGLISH PAGE:
(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2i743eQ) No two days are alike – that’s the wonder of life. Sometimes we really want something but nothing happens, and…

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New Year New Beginning?

Of course, I wish that all of you could have a blessed and trauma free 2017. By God’s Grace, I have know many blessings that include my family and friends, … Continue reading

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Autistic Confessions – I Don’t Handle Last Minute Changes Very Well

Originally posted on Anonymously Autistic:
When I set out to do something I need to know the end time and like to know what to expect. For example if I…

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How to Get Your School’s Parents Involved

My latest 10 years of teaching in an public elementary school were quite successful for me in many ways.  One of the ways to mention is that I was able to … Continue reading

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