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Families of 4th Graders Can Attend National Parks FOR FREE

How many times have you wanted to visit a local #national park but you didn’t because of the cost for a family (entrance and parking fees, food, etc. etc. etc.)? … Continue reading

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20 Signs You’re Actually Making a Difference!

Ah, summer vacation, when the living is easy! You’ve had time to watch sunsets without falling asleep first, sink your toes into the sand, laugh with your children and friends. … Continue reading

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FREE Patriotic History Flashcards

One of the struggles for teachers today (and their parents), is that current students haven’t been introduced to the very proud and wonderful history of our country. Just watch #Watters … Continue reading

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A Child’s Self-Esteem needs to be developed?

Now, this could be a troubling topic, especially if you’re in the life stage of understanding your toddler or early elementary age child. I once heard a Pastor say that … Continue reading

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38 Ways to Motivate your Students

Here’s another website that you might want to read about motivating your students. http://www.educationandbehavior.com/classroom-management-strategies/

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“Get to Know You” Ideas for the First Days of School

Here they come!  Ideas that have successfully worked to help children get to know each other and develop respect for each other. Some are obviously for elementary school children.  I … Continue reading

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