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30 Examples of Disruptions in the Classroom

I bet you think I’m talking about throwing pencils or gang fights in the hallway.  Wrong! I just saw this post by http://www.teachthought.com, that doesn’t discuss those two disruptions at … Continue reading

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What can America Learn About Smart Schools in other Countries?

Our American public education system has been under increased criticism about its lack of critical thinking skill preparations.  We’re good at teaching memorization in Math, but not so good in … Continue reading

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All Special Ed Teachers have Super Powers!

I can hear at least a few “Amens” to that headline. I have worked in several #Special Ed classrooms as a substitute teacher and, of course, have had a bunch … Continue reading

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Why did the Department of Education got established?

#NCLB – #Department of Education – President Carter – Federal Bureaucracy – Andrew Johnson – all of these people and laws have been controversial and, yet necessary, for the population … Continue reading

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