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Moving around during Circle Time?

Holy cow!  Think of it!  Letting 2 and 3 year olds (also Kindergarten children) move around during your Circle Time! I just found this post on Twitter that features some … Continue reading

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Add a Little Spice to Classrooms

Are you a new teacher who is looking for a fun way to to reinforce vocabulary skills?  Are you an experienced teacher who just needs some more ideas to make … Continue reading

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Lyfoes Games

Have you ever heard of Lyfoes or Rubies games to increase brain power?  They look like our former pinball machines only they’re cell phone friendly.  The games remind me of … Continue reading

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Bouncy Bands for Fidgety Feet – Search No More

I usually don’t promote products on my blog but these are wonderful and not very expensive.  How many times have you noticed that children just need to bounce and move … Continue reading

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Tips for Sensory Seekers to Survive a Classroom

Quite a few years ago, I had a student who had some touch/sensory sensitivities in areas of types of clothing, noise, peer interactions, to name a few areas.  It was … Continue reading

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Visual Schedules work for Autistic Children

I realized that I haven’t shared much about what works with Autistic children (and adults). One thing I learned to use with my former students who were high on this … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Wish List

How many of you would just love to have several “wobble seats” in your classroom? How about “stand up” desks? Better yet, a door that opens up to a beach? … Continue reading

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The Final Hours

How do you and your students live through these last few days of this school year? What stupid mistakes have we teachers made and will never do again? Judy Jenkins, … Continue reading

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Less Sleep Lowers IQ?

Yes, that is what this Time.com article shared in Twitter today. For instance, missing an hour of sleep turns a 6th grader brain into a 4th grader’s performance level. We … Continue reading

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Too Little Behavior Therapy for Kids with ADHD?

The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) recently reported (May 2015) that many more children with #ADHD should be receiving additional behavior therapy not just medicines. They specifically cited that … Continue reading

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