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Why are kids bored at school and feel “entitled?”

“Using technology as a “Free babysitting service” is, in fact, not free at all. The payment is waiting for you just around the corner.  We pay with our kids’ nervous … Continue reading

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Less Sleep Lowers IQ?

Yes, that is what this Time.com article shared in Twitter today. For instance, missing an hour of sleep turns a 6th grader brain into a 4th grader’s performance level. We … Continue reading

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Hand flapping? Looking at the Speaker?

The field of teaching children with #Autism has expanded and become more refined over the past 100 years. More and more children have been diagnosed with varying degrees of #Autism. … Continue reading

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Ron Clark Academy – Sing it and Learn it

The following is similar to a post I made some time ago. But I feel it bears repeating. Sing it and learn it!  Movement in the classroom while learning?  Yep! … Continue reading

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Singing a Song to Learn about Prepositions?

Yep!  I just saw this clip featuring Ron Clark Academy, in Atlanta.  The Academy students generally test in the 70-80% category in all subjects that they failed the previous year. … Continue reading

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Let the children play outside, please!

The last few years of my teaching, I would give my class 5″ of playing or running outside of my classroom, usually mid-afternoon.   It provided a wonderful “brain break” … Continue reading

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Best APPs For Students, Parents, Teachers in Education

I just found this website that contains hundreds of apps for children, parents, and teachers.  I have never seen such a list before!  Thank you, Katie Williams for publishing this … Continue reading

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Moving Around Decreases Behavior Problems?

If you have ever taught elementary age children, you know that they need to get up and move around frequently!  Now to confirm that, Iowa Public Radio interviewed many teachers, … Continue reading

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25 Simple ways to add movement to your classroom!

25 Simple Ways to Add Movement to Your Classroom

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