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Autism and Consequences?

One of the first behaviors that toddlers have to learn is that every action has a consequence.  You hit your head again and again on a brick chimney, you’ll cry … Continue reading

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How does an Autistic child learn to understand death?

I’m sure we’ve all had to bury our pets, whether a dog, cat, goldfish, parakeet, monkey, etc.  We’ve grieved and shed very real tears.  It felt like a member of … Continue reading

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Accommodations at a job site, too?

By now, we are all aware of IEP requirements and the resulting accommodations required in schools for students diagnosed as ADHD and Autism.  Different classroom lights, movement in the classrooms, … Continue reading

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Pokemon Go and Autism? You have to be kidding!

I know, I know. I can’t believe it either. Since this #Pokemon Go is such a craze (like collecting pet rocks was a long time ago), why not find a … Continue reading

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Autism, Behavior, and the Impact of Kindness

Do you know someone who is on the #Autism Spectrum? I have known about a dozen over the years. Most of these wonderful people are just fine, but certainly do … Continue reading

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Visual Schedules work for Autistic Children

I realized that I haven’t shared much about what works with Autistic children (and adults). One thing I learned to use with my former students who were high on this … Continue reading

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Accommodations for Autistic People?

Judy Endow, a renowned author and presenter, writes, “And just like you will not be thought of as a bad person when you fail to make an accommodation for me, … Continue reading

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Autistic Social Interaction from an Autistic Adult

“Do you know how your autistic child remembers people? Do you know what is important to your autistic child about other people? Do you understand how your autistic child decides … Continue reading

March 24, 2016 · Leave a comment