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How can you make your classroom inclusive and fair?

Over my many years of teaching, federal Inclusive requirements allowed for many blessings and some really hard teaching situations. For instance while teaching an elementary music class, one of the … Continue reading

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There is No Such Thing as a Learning Disability

Before you have a cow…please keep reading.  Here’s a wonderful post that I just saw on http://www.linkedin.com that is a big funny, a bit sarcastic, and very much true about … Continue reading

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How to Get Your School’s Parents Involved

My latest 10 years of teaching in an public elementary school were quite successful for me in many ways.  One of the ways to mention is that I was able to … Continue reading

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Tips for Sensory Seekers to Survive a Classroom

Quite a few years ago, I had a student who had some touch/sensory sensitivities in areas of types of clothing, noise, peer interactions, to name a few areas.  It was … Continue reading

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All Special Ed Teachers have Super Powers!

I can hear at least a few “Amens” to that headline. I have worked in several #Special Ed classrooms as a substitute teacher and, of course, have had a bunch … Continue reading

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Accommodations: Where, When and What?

During my years of teaching in public schools, I noticed that there was an significant increase in 504 Plans and IEPs (Individualized Educational Program). I believe that these two programs … Continue reading

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