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Are monsters coming to your room at the end of October?

Halloween can be a fun or a very scary special day, depending upon the age of your student (and how much sugar they’ve eaten so far.)  Why not make this … Continue reading

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Three Simple Ways to Improve Teacher Morale

It’s near the end of this school year.  I know your teachers are getting tired and really need a “pick me up.”  Here’s a wonderful idea from Jill Jenkins, in … Continue reading

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How to Make a Movie Trailer for a Book

YouTube, TV. videos, gaming, movie theaters, are all influencing our children and students.  How can we get them back to reading books and other print literature? Here’s a really wonderful … Continue reading

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Lyfoes Games

Have you ever heard of Lyfoes or Rubies games to increase brain power?  They look like our former pinball machines only they’re cell phone friendly.  The games remind me of … Continue reading

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Were there coins when you were young?

So, were there coins around when you were young? Yesterday, I was walking behind a student while helping in my former school.  I return to my former school to help … Continue reading

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How to Build School Spirit

I know that high schools all over our country feel “the spirit” this time of year because of their football season and then basketball season. But how about elementary schools?  … Continue reading

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Help! I need to avoid that Summer slump!

So, now that summer vacations are upon us, you don’t want your children’s brains to go dead! As a former teacher, I know about the 2 month slump in our … Continue reading

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Making the Mundane into Marvelous for ADHD Children!

Dr. Mundy has done it again.  She’s highlighted some activities and strategies that just might help you to get your child or student who has ADHD to get “mundane” jobs … Continue reading

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The First Days of School are about Connections

What are the most important activities that you should do on the first few days of school? Here’s a site that provides some wonderful ideas.  Some activities are similar to … Continue reading

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Ron Clark Academy – Sing it and Learn it

The following is similar to a post I made some time ago. But I feel it bears repeating. Sing it and learn it!  Movement in the classroom while learning?  Yep! … Continue reading

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