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8 Things to Look for in a Classroom

Are you on Christmas Vacation and wondering how you can make your classroom more effective when you return this next Semester?  Are you a student in college expecting to do … Continue reading

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How do you Shift from Surviving to Thriving as a Teacher?

So, you’ve been teaching now for almost 3 months.  How are you doing?  If you’re like most teachers, you’ve won some battles, figured out some students, are getting more sleep … Continue reading

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Want to spend some time in Finland in November?

I’m not kidding.  Finland has long been the most progressive and successful public education system in the world!  Have you ever wondered why they are so successful?  Could it be … Continue reading

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First Weeks of School

Smart Classroom Management  – Michael Linsin has recently written this wonderful post that gives some wonderful direction for the first weeks of school. I know that I’ve often said that … Continue reading

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Pre-school Benefits Fade by 3rd Grade?

Apparently so, according to some recent studies done in both Tennessee and Miami, Florida. There’s a large academic boost for those who attended pre-school as they entered Kindergarten but the … Continue reading

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Teaching handwriting fluency helpful to ADHD children?

During my last 10 years of teaching 3rd grade in public schools, I noticed that we weren’t permitted to spend “too much time” in teaching penmanship whether it was in … Continue reading

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Are you a marigold among the walnut trees?

I recently saw a wonderfully encouraging post on Twitter by Jennifer Gonzalez.  Her post attempts to motivate and encourage new teachers to be a marigold flower on your teaching team. … Continue reading

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Individual Students Responsible for their Own Success?

The answer is yes!  During the last 5 years of my teaching 3rd grade, I required my students to analyze their own test data to help them understand their responsibility … Continue reading

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Why are you a teacher?

We often wonder why we’re a teacher anymore because of the additional workload, meetings, lesson plans, state testing requirements and standards, and reports that have been added to our day. … Continue reading

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A Letter to your Students’ Parents

I always sent a letter to my students’ parents attached to their last report card but I never thought of sending home a letter at the beginning of each school … Continue reading

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