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Every day is a MIXTURE – some GOOD English, some BAD English or even NO English

Originally posted on The FUTURE of Learning:
(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2i743eQ) No two days are alike – that’s the wonder of life. Sometimes we really want something but nothing happens, and…

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English is hard Even for Speakers of English

I’ve taught children from China and they really do have a hard time learning about all the “craziness” in our American English.  Here’s a chart that really does explain why? … Continue reading

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Considering becoming an ESL/ESOL teacher?

Maybe you or someone you know has considered becoming a teacher of English to people from other cultures. Maybe you also can speak a language in addition to English (like … Continue reading

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How to Develop Students’ Vocabulary?

One of the many challenges of teaching students is how to develop and raise their level of vocabulary.  How can we get them to use these Reading Vocabulary words, for … Continue reading

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Handwriting Skill Determines Literacy Capability?

Have you ever observed the way you and your friends open a screw top bottle or place their hands onto a table?  The way you open a bottle or hold … Continue reading

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How can we make learning English more fun?

As many of my blog followers know, I am blessed to be part of the Education First organization.  I have just completed a rather short program for children from China. … Continue reading

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How can you get your students to read faster?

I just saw this YouTube from Dr. Johnson giving specific ideas on how to have a student become responsible for increasing their own fluency rates. He’s included suggestions about including … Continue reading

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