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What to do outside with your children!

School is out for the summer, at least in my community.  Of course, you’ll all want to sleep in and play video games “just because.” After you get over that, … Continue reading

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52 Mistakes We Make in Schools Every Day and Every Year

Insanity in Education?  If you’ve taught for 5 years or more, I know you’ll agree with this list of mistakes schools and school districts make every year, almost everywhere.  We’ve … Continue reading

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6 Ways Students are Braver than We Give Them Credit For

Have you ever taught a child whose mother has just left her family to return to her homeland and does that on the exact morning that my student has to … Continue reading

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Simple Things to do to Promote Brain Based Learning

How do we “turn on” the brains of our students?  Any ideas?  More fundamental, how do our brains work and how can we teachers get the students to achieve academic … Continue reading

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3 Tips to Prepare your Child to Ride the School Bus

If you’re a typical protective parent like I was, you love the convenience of putting your child on a school bus to get to school.  Yet – you’ve heard about … Continue reading

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Singing a Song to Learn about Prepositions?

Yep!  I just saw this clip featuring Ron Clark Academy, in Atlanta.  The Academy students generally test in the 70-80% category in all subjects that they failed the previous year. … Continue reading

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Let the children play outside, please!

The last few years of my teaching, I would give my class 5″ of playing or running outside of my classroom, usually mid-afternoon.   It provided a wonderful “brain break” … Continue reading

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Tech Zombie Symdrome?

Are you having trouble falling asleep almost every night?  Here’s an article that I just saw on Linkedin about the blue lights we have on almost every tech device “known … Continue reading

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Should Teachers Be Allowed to Touch Students?

My heart just breaks when I think of all the children who are from really unhappy homes and came to my classroom and felt relaxed knowing that it was a safe … Continue reading

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