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Is there an alternative to homework (doing school work at home)?

Homework has become the step-child of education in some public schools.  How about an alternative that still achieves the same purpose? In fact, most are alternatives to homework altogether, including … Continue reading

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25 Tricks to Improve Boring Lessons

Do you have to teach multiplication tables, boring algorithms, history dates, fluency, comprehension, list of U.S. Presidents, etc.  B O R I N G! So, how can you make these … Continue reading

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What can America Learn About Smart Schools in other Countries?

Our American public education system has been under increased criticism about its lack of critical thinking skill preparations.  We’re good at teaching memorization in Math, but not so good in … Continue reading

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Top Ten Stalling Techniques Kids Use to get out of Schoolwork

I know that many of you are beginning to think about the advantages of homeschooling and/or keeping your public school students on task during homework time. The following post by … Continue reading

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Help! I need to avoid that Summer slump!

So, now that summer vacations are upon us, you don’t want your children’s brains to go dead! As a former teacher, I know about the 2 month slump in our … Continue reading

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Kid-Made Monopoly Game to Teach Addition and Subtraction of Decimals

This is the coolest idea! How about having your students have fun designing their own Monopoly game that includes “real” debit cards, purchases, etc.? Your objective – to have them … Continue reading

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Earlier today, I was spending some time with my hair stylist, and she asked me if I had ever heard about this company, #Mathnasium? This company is world wide and … Continue reading

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