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Are you a David in a world of Goliaths in your school system?

It’s near the end of your year with your students and you’re emotionally and probably physically exhausted!  I truly understand.  I know you feel like a David constantly fighting battles … Continue reading

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Best APPs For Students, Parents, Teachers in Education

I just found this website that contains hundreds of apps for children, parents, and teachers.  I have never seen such a list before!  Thank you, Katie Williams for publishing this … Continue reading

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Why are you a teacher?

We often wonder why we’re a teacher anymore because of the additional workload, meetings, lesson plans, state testing requirements and standards, and reports that have been added to our day. … Continue reading

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Another way to keep parents involved?

I just became aware of this software that is another app for iPad.  It allows students to send photos of their work to their parents and is free to all … Continue reading

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Should Teachers Be Allowed to Touch Students?

My heart just breaks when I think of all the children who are from really unhappy homes and came to my classroom and felt relaxed knowing that it was a safe … Continue reading

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Age Appropriate Chores Chart

Are you wondering how to teach your children and/or students to become independent citizens?  I just saw this chart again and thought it would be appropriate for my readers who … Continue reading

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How can you get your students to read faster?

I just saw this YouTube from Dr. Johnson giving specific ideas on how to have a student become responsible for increasing their own fluency rates. He’s included suggestions about including … Continue reading

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The Teddy Stoddard Story – This is Why We Teach

Why do we teach?  Yes, to share our wisdom and academic insight for the next generation.  But also to share in the lives of young children.  Here’s the wonderful story … Continue reading

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How do you help a parent of an angry child?

One of my most positive experiences with the parent of a very defiant child was when I initially approached his mother and asked a lot of these wonderful questions by … Continue reading

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Building Relationships with Your Students

Rita Pierson explains how we absolutely have to connect with our students before they will want to begin to learn from us. We need to figure out how to raise … Continue reading

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