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Children Need to Fidget!

How many adults can sit still for 30″ without “going crazy?”  How soon do you start bouncing your leg, curling your hair, tapping your finger nails onto a table?  I’m … Continue reading

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Are ADHD Meds Making Your Child Shorter?

Do you have a child/student who is being treated for ADD/ADHD?  I have taught a bunch of children who were taking various kinds of meds for the ADD/ADHD and the … Continue reading

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Do you have a child who is very disorganized (or definitely has ADHD?)

I know, I know all children are disorganized!  That’s totally true.  However, some are more disorganized than others.  That’s also totally true!  What to do? When I noticed that one … Continue reading

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Bouncy Bands for Fidgety Feet – Search No More

I usually don’t promote products on my blog but these are wonderful and not very expensive.  How many times have you noticed that children just need to bounce and move … Continue reading

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A Child’s Guide to Concentrating (for KIDS with ADHD)

My husband recently brought home a wonderful book that is a story of Craig, a real boy, and compiled by Bonita Blazer, Ph.D., a Learning/Attention Specialist.  Craig designed and compiled … Continue reading

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17 Illustrations that Explain ADD and ADHD

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have ADD?  Maybe you have a child or a student like this or maybe it’s even you?  Here’s a wonderful … Continue reading

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Need Support for Families of ADHD Children?

According to an “reliable” online questionnaire that I took over a year ago, I am borderline/moderate #ADHD Adult. Surprise! I needed a test to confirm what I already suspected? That’s … Continue reading

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Accommodations: Where, When and What?

During my years of teaching in public schools, I noticed that there was an significant increase in 504 Plans and IEPs (Individualized Educational Program). I believe that these two programs … Continue reading

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“30 Ideas for Helping Children with ADHD Succeed”

I just saw this post from #Kellybear and thought you could use this to help you understand and work with children or adults who are blessed with ADHD. I know … Continue reading

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Too Little Behavior Therapy for Kids with ADHD?

The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) recently reported (May 2015) that many more children with #ADHD should be receiving additional behavior therapy not just medicines. They specifically cited that … Continue reading

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