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Are ADHD Meds Making Your Child Shorter?

Do you have a child/student who is being treated for ADD/ADHD?  I have taught a bunch of children who were taking various kinds of meds for the ADD/ADHD and the … Continue reading

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25 Alternatives to Reading Aloud Around in Class

It’s halfway through this school year, and you’re probably looking for an alternative to make Reading/Language Arts more interesting in your classroom.  Right?  I just saw this post from an … Continue reading

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Do you have a child who is very disorganized (or definitely has ADHD?)

I know, I know all children are disorganized!  That’s totally true.  However, some are more disorganized than others.  That’s also totally true!  What to do? When I noticed that one … Continue reading

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Bouncy Bands for Fidgety Feet – Search No More

I usually don’t promote products on my blog but these are wonderful and not very expensive.  How many times have you noticed that children just need to bounce and move … Continue reading

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A Child’s Guide to Concentrating (for KIDS with ADHD)

My husband recently brought home a wonderful book that is a story of Craig, a real boy, and compiled by Bonita Blazer, Ph.D., a Learning/Attention Specialist.  Craig designed and compiled … Continue reading

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17 Illustrations that Explain ADD and ADHD

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have ADD?  Maybe you have a child or a student like this or maybe it’s even you?  Here’s a wonderful … Continue reading

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Need Support for Families of ADHD Children?

According to an “reliable” online questionnaire that I took over a year ago, I am borderline/moderate #ADHD Adult. Surprise! I needed a test to confirm what I already suspected? That’s … Continue reading

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Accommodations: Where, When and What?

During my years of teaching in public schools, I noticed that there was an significant increase in 504 Plans and IEPs (Individualized Educational Program). I believe that these two programs … Continue reading

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“30 Ideas for Helping Children with ADHD Succeed”

I just saw this post from #Kellybear and thought you could use this to help you understand and work with children or adults who are blessed with ADHD. I know … Continue reading

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Too Little Behavior Therapy for Kids with ADHD?

The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) recently reported (May 2015) that many more children with #ADHD should be receiving additional behavior therapy not just medicines. They specifically cited that … Continue reading

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