We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas


Hello.  I have recently retired from full time teaching in Florida.  I have previously taught in Pennsylvania , New Jersey and Connecticut for a total of 43 years!  I have taught in a pre-school, private computer industry, and grades K-4.

Throughout my years of experience, I have seen the slow but sure collapse of classroom self-discipline of both the teachers and their students.  This deterioration has caused me some concern.  Hence, I totally agree with the strategies of Time to Teach and have been a National Consultant for that group.  I have incorporated these strategies and avoided countless drama and disturbances in my classrooms because of it.

Now that I’m no longer a full time teacher, I  feel that I need to be a “missionary” to younger teachers or anyone else who needs some direction and encouragement.  I can mentor others while I’m tutoring in my former elementary school and answer comments and questions via this blog.

My blog has been expanded to include articles about Autism, ADD/ADHD, Common Core, bullying, and many other educational topics.  I like to think I’m a hub of many wonderful posts from other media and, occasionally, I even relate some of my experiences as a mother and teacher.

In addition, I am now a part time teacher for Education First and have taught many children from China who come here to practice their English and immerse themselves in the American culture.  Surprisingly, strategies used for teaching in America also work for children from China.  My perspective of children around the world has grown beyond my expectations and I have been blessed.

My class on 7-31

Please become one of my blog followers and let me know if you have anything else you’d like for me to publish.


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