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How to have successful, harmonious Parent Conference

Oh, no!  Your first Parents Conferences will be here shortly!  H E L P!  I know that you have a dozen things that you (the teacher) would like to share and challenge each parent.  How about you (the parent) want to discuss.

I just read a wonderful post from confidentparentsconfidentkids.org that will be very helpful.

What did I do in preparation for my first Conferences each year?  I copied an idea that I saw while teaching in CT that worked.  I would begin each conference with drawing a triangle (the Triangle of Success.)  At the top of the triangle, I would place the child’s name.  On the other points I would write the parent’s name and then my name.  I would then scratch out one of the corners (usually the parent’s).  That would graphically illustrate that they are one of the cornerstones of their child’s education.  It’s NOT just me and their child!

After that, I would allow them to share how their child is succeeding and struggling in this class this year.  I would write down what they said to show that I was really interested.  I’ve had comments like: “He needs to be moved so that his back is to the wall.”  “He’s hot all the time and needs to sit under the A/C vent.”  “She really doesn’t know how to memorize anything!”  “I think he’s Dyslexic (whatever that is!)” That’s their corner of the Triangle of Success.

Then we discussed my corner,…my strategies to help their God given child to succeed.

It usually worked!

Here are some more ideas that are in  confidentparentsconfidentkids.org.

In this post, she mentions that parents really are a partner in their child’s education success (my Triangle idea).  Teachers tend to use “education-eze” words!  Hello!


Do “real people” even know what these words mean?  Probably not!  Remember who you’re conversing with, teachers!


I often was the first American teacher for some of my families.  I sometimes needed an interpreter!  I also had to learn to encourage parents who absolutely hated school and anything attached to it!  School was a nasty word to them as they grew up and they couldn’t get over that feelings of a tight stomach whenever they walked through our “hallowed” halls.

Much more can be mentioned from this post but time is limited.  Here’s the link.  Remember, there are ideas for BOTH parents and teachers.

Playing a Harmonious Duet: How Parents and Teachers Can Practically Connect Around our Children’s Learning



One comment on “How to have successful, harmonious Parent Conference

  1. confidentparentsconfidentkids
    September 21, 2018

    Thanks so much for sharing with your educator community! I love this set of resources to support both parents and teachers! Best!

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