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Getting Ready for Your Next Substitute Teacher

I know, I know.  You’re really enjoying your summer vacation, BUT YOUR NEW SCHOOL YEAR IS COMING!  I’m sure that some of you have already visited the local teachers’ stores.

Here’s a website that has some really good ideas to help your future substitute teacher know what to do when you or your own children are suddenly sick on a school morning.  I was a substitute teacher for about 15 years and, yes, I did occasionally have to find something to do as I walked into an unknown classroom.  Panic quickly set in!

Why not have a fully prepared generic lesson plan that will fill each minute when these days occur?  I know that some Principals require this type of background information to be kept in the school office.  That’s a good idea!

I know that I always provided a first page of instructions that centered around the Leaders/Reliable students, special helps for those troubled, names of other teachers to talk to, and even a list of our local Correcting Behavior programs.  It was placed in a bright red folder on my desk.

Here’s the link.  There are wonderful ideas for all of us to follow.  I found it on Pinterest.  You’re welcome!






2 comments on “Getting Ready for Your Next Substitute Teacher

  1. Thank you for mentioning me, Patricia! I am so glad you found this post useful especially with your experience as a substitute teacher!


    • Patricia Dorsey
      July 24, 2018

      You’re welcome. I spent about 40 years as a teacher both in private and public schools and businesses. That’s why I thought your suggestions were wonderful. Thank you for commenting.


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