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Is your teaching interesting?

“Summertime and the living is easy.”  I can hear you singing even now.  🙂  What better time then to compare and contrast your teaching methods?  For instance, you probably can recall which lessons you taught that were “real duds!”  Now is the time to figure out why and how to improve them when you’re not stressed and can define different strategies.  Now’s the time to find new online resources, for instance.

Here’s a link to someone that I follow who recently attended a convention entitled Partnership for Leaders in Education. at the University of Virginia.  While it may seem to be solely interesting to Principals and Deans in the public school system, it also could have some wonderful  strategies for us in the classroom.  For example:

  • Consultant: The students in subgroup X didn’t do well on this common formative assessment question. Why?
  • Teacher: Because they weren’t listening.
  • C: Why?
  • T: Because they didn’t care about what I was teaching.
  • C: Why?
  • T: Because they’re not interested.
  • C: Why?
  • T: (Pause.) Because the lesson wasn’t interesting to them.
  • C: Why?
  • T: (Pause again.) Because I didn’t make it interesting.
  • C: How could you make it more interesting?
  • T: I suppose I could include information in my instruction that applies directly to their lives.
  • C: Is there anything else you could do?
  • T: I could talk less during the input portion of my lesson and provide the students with something more engaging during the structured and guided practice portions. 

I used this idea when trying to teach the metric system of measurement to my 3rd graders.  They absolutely had no interest until I reminded them of the 2L bottle of soda and 1L water bottles.  Only then did they see a reason to learn this scientific system of thinking.

Here’s the link to Steve Johnson’s report about what he learned at this meeting.  I trust it will help you to evaluate and improve your teaching this new year.

P.S. Please remember to relax, sip some ice team, eat LOTS of ice cream, and listen to the ocean sing its song.  I know you deserve it.



2 comments on “Is your teaching interesting?

  1. Madam Wise Owl Sundries
    June 25, 2018

    In my 20’s I had a boss who said to me, “I’ll stop learning when I’m dead.” I loved that and still think that. I have this problem sometimes. I can tell when I am losing a student. It is because usually the material or the lesson is just not something they are interested in or they don’t understand. SO this summer as I reflex over how I do my job I will create new ways to encourage and teach these students. However, I noticed that when I do more experiments, hands on stuff I am success even more. Everyday is a learning experience and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patricia Dorsey
      June 25, 2018

      Perfect! Your comment is exactly the type of response I was hoping I would receive. I taught for about 40 years and every year was different. You can’t ride a bike w/o riding the bike. So, using more hands on activity actually works especially in Science. Keep on getting better, my new friend. Please tell me if there are other topics that you’d wish me to comment about or research. Enjoy your summer!

      Liked by 1 person

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