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Bringing Closure to Your School Year

I’ve just visited my former school building and all the teachers are tired and stressed!  Packing up all their school supplies, counting books, cleaning out desks, finding dead roaches behind shelving, etc. etc. etc.  Yes, the roach problem is a big thing in my home state, in case you’re wondering.

So other than showing all types of videos and playing board games, what else can you do?

Here’s a wonderful post from confidentparentsconfidentkids.com that I thought just might give you some ideas.  The post recommends designing and distributing thank you cards for school staff and having group discussions about favorite activities during the school year.  If you have portfolio collections of your students’ work kept throughout the year, why not just place them onto their desks and watch their eyes and hear them say, “Oh, I remember doing this page.  I hated it! (or it was too easy!)

One of my most favorite activities with my former 3rd grade students was having a chart with previously written numbers from 180 down to 0.  We sat around and counted down the days and screamed and jumped up and down when we got to 0!  So, did I, of course.

Visit this site and become one of its followers.  It will be worth your time.  BTW, home school groups can also enjoy some of these activities.

Bringing Closure to the School Year


One comment on “Bringing Closure to Your School Year

  1. Thanks for sharing, Patricia! This can be a really busy time of year! I think the ideas in the blog post offer simple ways educators and parents can take some time to reflect on the important investment of learning that’s taken place in the past year to benefit all! Best! Jennifer


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