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YOU have a role in your child’s school safety

One of my friends just learned that her child is being bullied in his school.  What can she do?  Where can she go?  What is the school’s responsibility?  The parents?  The student bully’s?

Here’s a very timely thought submitted by confidentparentsconfidentkids that I received today.

“The profile of individuals who perpetrate school shootings is typically that of an introvert, sometimes, the victim of bullying, but often, a student that goes unnoticed. In schools with which I work, there is no child that goes unnoticed. Every person – staff and students – is greeted each morning through a Morning Meeting. Each student gets the opportunity to share something about themselves daily.”

We teachers should be able to recognize and refer these students to Counselors who are then given legal freedom to refer these students to required treatment!  We’ve been told to NOT put children into a “diagnostic box” but what else can we do?

I knew when children were suffering because of their home life dynamics, for instance. I so desperately wanted just to take them home with me to provide the loving, stable environment that they needed.  Obviously, I couldn’t do that!

I also have seen fathers bullying their children while walking through Walmart.  I’m sure that these children act the same way toward classmates.

Some ideas from the post:

  1.  Begin at home.
  2. Partner with your child’s teacher and your school.
  3. Note the “red flags.”
  4. Organize parental groups to help and get involved in schools.

Here’s the link to this post.  Please read it all.

YOU Have a Role in Preventing School Violence


One comment on “YOU have a role in your child’s school safety

  1. confidentparentsconfidentkids
    February 16, 2018

    Oh this is so important. We are emotional about what happened in Florida. We have to somehow explain a senseless tragedy to our children. And we want to take action and not feel helpless. Well there’s a whole lot each of us can do. And it begins by ensuring that every child has a caring connection. Thank you for sharing!


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