We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

How can you make your classroom inclusive and fair?

Over my many years of teaching, federal Inclusive requirements allowed for many blessings and some really hard teaching situations.

For instance while teaching an elementary music class, one of the children decided that he would hit on our classroom drums w/o stopping!  He became obsessed with the sounds.  What did I do?  I held his hand so that he would hit the drum according to the beat measurement.  It worked!  He felt accepted.

First of all, have you read the child’s IEP? If there isn’t an IEP/testing, GET IT DONE NOW!

Now, what do you do with a students whose IEP says to limit homework assignments, use enlarged print books,  or even don’t use a spiral Smart Board game because it just might cause a student to have a Seizure!  Yes, I have had to teach in classrooms that had these and hundreds of other types of IEP requirements!

Here’s  a website that will provide some very good templates for behavior understandings, grading students based upon “massaged” Common Core standards, collecting portfolio data on a regular basis, and even prioritizing assignments that represent the major objectives so that the student will understand “bottom line” for acceptable completion.

Are you a homeschooling family and need some ideas to help organize your teaching?  This post will also help you.

In other words, ALL teachers in ALL grade levels, should just take 5 minutes to read this article from the inclusiveclass.com.  I promise it’ll be worth your time:



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