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Monthly Archives: November, 2017

Wonsters Help Spelling and Phonics?

Do you know a child who is having trouble learning phonics sounds or needs help in spelling?  I know that English is considered one of the most difficult languages to … Continue reading

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Christmas Traditions Around the World

Find a pickle on the tree?  KFC for Christmas dinner?  Thirteen desserts on Christmas?  A Christmas Witch?  Setting an extra place at the Christmas main meal? I just found this … Continue reading

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Are you tired of spending $$$ for rewards in your class?

I spent way too much money buying little rewards to put into my Treasure Box over my years of teaching.  I know you all feel the same way. The last … Continue reading

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How can you make your classroom inclusive and fair?

Over my many years of teaching, federal Inclusive requirements allowed for many blessings and some really hard teaching situations. For instance while teaching an elementary music class, one of the … Continue reading

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The Parts of Speech Poem from The Teacher Next Door

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Respect your teachers because…

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19 Classroom Management Posters

Do you need ideas for posters to explain (or re-explain) proper classroom behavior?  How about making and using these posters as shared by WeAreTeachers.com?  Maybe you know of  a student … Continue reading

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