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Instruction on How to be a Good Loser

Do you have a child who is really a “bad loser?”  Competitive children instinctively just don’t want to ever lose.

Now, add to that a child who is Autistic and doesn’t understand about playing games with others let alone that he/she just won’t always win.  He/she immediately gets angry and yells or throws things across the room.

I can remember a child I recently taught who always wanted to be the first in line wherever he went. He wasn’t competitive.  He just “needed” to be in front.  I also noticed that he truly didn’t know how to contribute and help in team efforts.  Was he Autistic?  I don’t know.  But I immediately began to use some strategies with him that helped him become more successful in my class the short time I had him.

Judy Endow, a nationally renowned expert in Autism and Autistic herself,  recently related her strategies used with a child who violently reacted to any social situation in which he thought he wasn’t being treated “fairly” and he definitely didn’t understand why he had to lose any games, video or board.  It didn’t matter to him.

Ms. Endow relates how she used verbal discussion, YouTube examples, graphs, modeling, cartooning and other methods to help this child learn socially acceptable strategies in his world.

Please go to this blog site to find out more.  I also really believe that these same strategies can be used with children who aren’t Autistic but need to learn these same strategies.



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