We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

Should we prepare a preschooler to read?

Absolutely!  For years we teachers have begged parents to read and ask comprehension questions of their preschool children!  There’s no doubt that a child who is prepared either from a parent  and/or preschool curriculum will succeed and surpass their peers at least through 2nd grade level. So, should we prepare our children for school earlier and more comprehensively?  Absolutely!

Parents are the key to their child’s emotional, social, and academic success in school let alone in their life!  Do I hear an Amen?

Here’s a link to another blog that explains why and how to help your preschooler to become successful.  Yes, IT IS IMPORTANT.  Thoughts of  allowing your preschooler to just play and enjoy life between 1-5 years of age are over!

Make sure that you spend at least 30″ each day, with your child/children on your lap or close by, and read with them NOT just to them.  One of my sons would actually tell me that I skipped a page in one of his favorite books.  I was tired but he was smart enough to know that I skipped pages.  I did go back and read that page, of course.  That’s how important this time is to them and predicts success in their future.

Please go to this blog and become convinced that you are your child’s major teacher – not that person in the school classroom.  BTW, there are libraries all over this country that will provide books for you to read at no cost!  Lack of finances is NO EXCUSE to help your child succeed early in his/her school life.



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