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Why you should buy STEM/Educational toys?

Are you a parent who is really trying to enrich your child’s intellectual capabilities?  Do you want to increase their STEM skills?  Do you also want to heighten their curiosity and “get them off their notebooks?”

I know that toys like Legos are wonderful for this type of family education.  As our sons were growing up, we had thousands (yes, thousands) of Legos all over our home!  I loved hearing them while they “worked” together to make space ships, houses, hotels, robots, etc. while playing around in our basement or right in the middle of our family room!  Quiet playing is good!

I  know that dolls and teddy bears answer many emotional needs and “people skills” but what about their brains?

I just saw this post on Twitter and thought it would provide y’all some other wonderful alternatives. Why not buy toys that “grow” with your child.  These toys are not gender specific, of course.


BTW – they’re available on Amazon.  Why not order them and allow your child the excitement of opening up a box delivered just for him/her?  It’ll be almost like Christmas again!


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