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Back to School Made Easy

Oh no!  It’s almost August and that means SCHOOL IS GOING TO START SOON!  Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

I know, I know.  No more sleeping in past 5:35, no more shopping during the day, no more hugs with your lovely children, finding a new day care center, etc. etc. etc.  I truly do understand.

But you also know that you’ve been “called” to be a teacher and your brain and heart is getting yourself ready for a new bunch of future leaders to train, protect, and love.

Here’s a wonderful blog by Carla that gives some really good suggestions for books to read to your elementary children during the first week of school while you’re building teams and “communities.”  Here are some great books to help you toward this goal.  BULLIES, GOOGLES, and FROG AND TOAD ARE FRIENDS are some of the books featured about friendship, perseverance, and responsibility.  Carla also features an idea to show the video of some of these books.

Here’s the link to http://www.comprehensionconnection.net that offers these ideas.

Ready, set, read!:




One comment on “Back to School Made Easy

  1. *tear* Last day of summer. Real world starts tomorrow.


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