We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

“Tolerance does not suspend moral judgement”

Thank about what this title says.  According to a recent post by Dr. Michele Borba,

“While tolerance doesn’t call upon us to suspend moral judgment, it does require us to respect differences. This virtue is what helps our children recognize that all persons deserve to be treated with dignity, justice and respect even if we happen to disagree with some of their beliefs or behaviors. And it is a critical component of moral intelligence that we must build in our children.”

As your children and students mature, you need to teach them how to learn learn not to bully or encourage bullying.    Why do bullies bully?

“Too fat. Too thin. A speech problem. Band kids. Too shy or quiet. A different race. In the special ed class. Gifted or too smart. Cries easily. A loner. Gay. Too pretty. Too poor. Dresses funny. Too artsy. Just moved. Teacher’s pet.” In short, any kid who doesn’t fit in or blend in…any child who looks or acts a little bit out of the norm.”

I once taught a little girl whose skin was white like a sheet of copy paper!  Not one of my students would play with her because she was “different!”  In addition, she had purpose eyes.

I cried with her while on Recess Duty one day.

Want to learn more?  Here’s the link to her blog.  She suggests 10 ways to teach tolerance.  I’m sure we can all learn from her ideas.





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