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Children Need to Fidget!

How many adults can sit still for 30″ without “going crazy?”  How soon do you start bouncing your leg, curling your hair, tapping your finger nails onto a table?  I’m probably good for about 5″.  Truthfully!

I just read a wonderful post from TimberNook that gives the real reason why children fidget.

“In order for children to learn, they need to be able to pay attention. In order to pay attention, we need to let them move.”

Her observations about not enough moving even in Kindergarten are totally true.

“Children naturally start fidgeting in order to get the movement their body so desperately needs and is not getting enough of to “turn their brain on.”

My last years of teaching 3rd grade, I absolutely provided ways for them to move about every 20 minutes, even if it just involved standing up and walking around my classroom.  On fair weather days, I let them run outside on the grass for exactly 1 minute!  They loved it!  Their brains were awakened and they were ready to tackle any more seat work or projects.  And, yes, my more calculating students watched the clock to see when 20 minutes was up so that they could remind me of my promise!  I loved it and kept my promise!

I truly believe that if children are given frequent ways to play outside, unstructured and with others, our classrooms will be quieter and more involved.  I’ve even seen “bar tables” and chairs with rolling legs as a further suggestion to help “antsy” people and children like me!  These facilities are more expensive but what is more important – achieving children or troublesome behavior?

Also notice her observations about this generation’s lack of body strength.

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