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Bullying? Ask Jaylen what to do!

Based upon my many years of experience as a public and private school teaching, I’ve seen many types of bullying both verbal and physical…rolled eyes, notes, mocking noises, moving away from a person who comes near them, etc.  Unfortunately, I’ve also seen bullying even in families between siblings and parents to their children.

This lack of respect for basic humanity is so discouraging to me.

For the last few years, a young man, Jaylen, has become an advocate, encourager, and counselor to many students who have disabilities and have been the center of bullying.  Jaylen has Tourette Syndrome and had received numerous opportunities on national media to share his experiences.  Because of this Syndrome, he was occasionally bullied even in his private school.

I just saw on our local TV that he’s now going to be honored by the country of England for his national program!  Congratulations, Jaylen, and to God be the Glory.

Here’s a link to his website.  You’s be able to read about his life story and see his latest TV commercial.



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