We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

Are you thinking about homeschooling?

There are so many advantages to home schooling your children.  Independent study allows your child to advance at his/her level of competency, flexible schedules, opportunities for educational field trips, so much less social stress, etc.  (Yes, I spent all of my professional teaching as a public school teacher.)  I have many friends who have home schooled their children who have graduated onto professional lives such as teachers and engineers.   I can hear your comments even now!

Socialization experiences are always brought up as a reason to keep your child in large public schools.  I understand your opinions and reasons.  But, if done properly, homeschooling does provide group activities, time for gymnastics and golf teams, etc.  Why not help your child serve others by volunteering at a hospital and then help them avoid all the bullying and discrimination that unfortunately takes place in our public schools?

For instance, our local groups do have specific days when all their enrolled students gather once a week for Science, technology, orchestra, etc.  Yes, there is accountability within these groups for proof of skills taught and even end-of-year achievement tests.

But do you also understand the stresses of being an organized parent who can lead your child in homeschooling? How much time does it take from your normal family requirements?  In our current home state, there are plenty of online lessons available and don’t forget Kahn Academy lessons to help tutor when you’re really “lost” as a parent.

I can go on but why not become friends with a parent who has been totally successful in this growing movement?

One of the national leaders in the homeschooling movement is Lea Ann Garfias.  She is a publisher of a book, Rocking Ordinary, and a magazine specifically for home schooling families.  She’s currently offering access to one of Home School Enrightment‘s issues.  If you’re considering becoming a home schooling parent or are currently one of these families, please access this link to preview this issue and then become one of her followers.


In this month’s issue articles include how to make History a hands-on activity, increasing Reading Comprehension, and even some suggested Spring Science activities.

This magazine could also offer ideas for “family time” on your weekends.


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