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All the testing is done…now what?

I know that my former school is completing its standardized tests this coming week.  Then what?  There’s only a few weeks of school left and you and all of our students are exhausted.

Now it’s time to return to our purpose to encourage and just love our students.  You’ll soon be giving them up to someone else.  You have some regrets, of course, but have many more successes.

During my last years of teaching, I usually brought my Whole Language unit out of my file cabinet and used “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” for virtually every lesson for over 3 weeks.  We painted a “chocolate town” with brown paint over every cereal box we could find.  We ate chocolate candy all day the last day of school.  We read the whole original Charlie book.  We had Golden Ticket for all our winners of “whatever.”  We watched the original “Charlie” video and they loved it.

Now it’s time for ideas of fun and worthwhile activities to use.  Why not compose and sing a rap song?  Why not a talent show?  Why not making imitation play doh?  How about a PJ day?

Here’s a post from Comprehension Connection that has some great ideas:




One comment on “All the testing is done…now what?

  1. maryhopecampbell
    May 5, 2017

    Thanks for this reminder!!

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