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Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

Why do parents fear that using technology makes kids fat, dumb, and mean?

Apparently, watching TV isn’t what causes children to get fat.  It’s the food advertisements that make them want to eat!  So what do you do?  Discuss how these food advertisements work “on their brains.”

Having a TV in a child’s bedroom is a bad thing?  Yes, according to the research featured in this same article from CNN that I just saw on Twitter.

Are children “addicted” to their phones/notepads and just can’t break loose?  It just depends upon your definition of “addicted.”

For more discussion points, go to this website from CNN.  I think it’ll become a source of ideas and facts for you and your whole family to consider.



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This entry was posted on April 13, 2017 by in achievement gap, Caring for students, technology in the classroom.


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