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Three Simple Ways to Improve Teacher Morale

It’s near the end of this school year.  I know your teachers are getting tired and really need a “pick me up.”  Here’s a wonderful idea from Jill Jenkins, in her latest post to do just that.

What to do now that the school year is almost over?  Why not just provide a fun activity for the teachers?  Maybe a rose for the female teachers and hot coffee for the men?  Why not a pizza lunch with ice cream at the end of the last Friday instead of another Faculty Meeting?  If you have to have a Faculty Meeting after school, why not bring in a decent comedian to make everyone laugh?

Here are her ideas to use even at the beginning of the next school year:

  1.  Create a community of caring (ask about their family for instance, help them unpack/pack up classrooms)
  2. Empower teachers to solve problems (watch and acknowledge students who do the right thing)
  3. Provide frequent fun faculty social interactions (take teachers out to dinner and YOU pay for it!)

Notice the word “frequent” in #3.

Here’s the link to the entire article:



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