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52 Mistakes We Make in Schools Every Day and Every Year

Insanity in Education?  If you’ve taught for 5 years or more, I know you’ll agree with this list of mistakes schools and school districts make every year, almost everywhere.  We’ve often thought of our Administration, “What were you thinking?”  Hence the photo accompanying this post.

According to Terry Heick, “The context for this one is simple enough–what mistakes do we constantly make in education that hold us back from the best versions of ourselves? From realizing our collective potential as a construct, field, and industry? What mistakes do we make over and over and over again, expecting a different result each time?

Probably a lot, but 52 is enough for now.”

Here are some listed in a recent TeachThought.com post:

Putting the “best” teachers in the “worst” schools.

Believing that children are just little adults.  (They’re not.)

Building large schools and yet try to keep them “personal.”  (students become a number)

Painting walls in “beige.” (Is it because “beige” paint is cheaper?)

Fail to protect, optimize, support, innovate, and otherwise increase teacher planning time. (I often had meetings scheduled during my planning time.)

Stigmatize “alternative schools,” and fail to support them with the same level of innovation and thinking we expect for the non-alternative schools.  (Specialized Special Ed schools can provide environments that regular schools can’t.  Schools for Dyslexic and Autistic children are needed all over our country.)

Now that I have you interested, here’s the link to this wonderful article.  Maybe you’d like to share it with your fellow faculty members.



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