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Your Child/Student Doesn’t Understand What They Just Read?

Why doesn’t your child understand what they just read, especially if there aren’t any pictures to help them?

If your child is very young, perhaps even a pre-schooler, don’t panic!  However, if this seems to still be happening in 1st or 2nd grade, push to have them tested for a Learning Disability.  They also may be part of a small percentage of students who are dyslexic.

It’s very common for young elementary students to reverse d/b or 3s, especially if the student is a boy.  That doesn’t mean they’re dyslexic!  They just may be a little behind.

It simply means that they need instruction in how to make them correctly.  For instance, by showing the word “bed” with the “b” being the headboard and the “d” being the foot.  Draw a simple drawing of this bed with pillows and even a  bedspread like their’s and then putting this drawing onto their desk works wonders!  Make the b/d highlighted in red so that they can find and trace over the letters.  I learned that from a Special Ed teacher about 20 years ago.  It actually works even with 3rd graders!

Now back to the topic, why doesn’t your student/child understand what they just read?

“So why does your child not understand what they have read? In the majority of cases, it is because they don’t make mental pictures of what they have read. Is that it? Yes, pretty much that’s it. The bad news is that they won’t start to make mental pictures unless they are instructed in how to do that. The good news is that this is easy to teach! If you are interested in looking up more about this, then take a look at the work of Nanci Bell who first worked out that good readers ,who understand what they have read ,make mental pictures from written words. You may think your child has a vivid imagination, but it doesn’t always hold true that they can make mental pictures from written words. It’s worth checking, isn’t it?”

This post is well worth reading for teachers and home school parents.  Is your child a “dunce” or “dyslexic?”


BTW, teaching basic cursive handwriting even as low as 2nd grade seems to help re-train children so that their “reversals” almost disappear.  Yes, there is research to prove this statement, see Dr. Bob Rose.


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