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Should teachers have their children opt-out?

Now here’s a thought and controversial topic.  Weareteachers.com recently asked their followers if teachers could or should have their own children NOT take the yearly standardized tests?  Their responses from teachers should cause you to think.  Answers ranged that NO – we should be examples to other by showing that even our children take the yearly tests, to YES – why have our own children suffer and be stressed?

“So what’s the verdict? It may ultimately depend on what state you live in—the consequences for opting out vary across the country. While some states penalize schools or teachers for opt outs, others do not. We’d love to hear what you think about the topic in the comments, so please weigh in!”

Please let me know what you think.  Your state wide tests may already be over, but what can you do about it next year?  I also understand that this opt-out possibility is a “secret” in most states.  Obviously, you should research your state’s laws and notify your school beforehand.  I guarantee that you’ll receive A LOT of resistance!



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