We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

Teaching is a Calling?

You bet it is!  Truthfully, I became a teacher because “I wasn’t smart enough to be a nurse!”  I’m NOT kidding!  I just wanted to attend college and do something with my life.  Getting married was the 3rd alternative for women back then, and I had no possibility of that happening any time soon.  So, I went to college to become an elementary teacher.

Over 40 years later, teaching wasn’t “just a job” anymore.  It became my “mission” to help young children to be their best and be a leader among their generation.  To God be the Glory!

I have the great fortune to have worked with many men and women who agree with me about teaching being a mission to others.  This morning, I just read a post from an ESL blogger who feels exactly the same way.  She may be living in Malaysia but absolutely agrees with us.

“Whether you are teaching children or adults, the mass in front of you is a massive load of human ideas, thoughts and feelings. The kinds of concepts you are teaching can be anything from technical processes or grammar, right through to learning how a simple tone of voice can change a whole level of communication in any area. These are skills, that though are all considered part of the ESL curriculum, in the long run you are teaching and guiding people on how to be winners and leaders in their field.”

I know that we’re coming near to the end of this school year and you’re getting anxious for Summer break.  Perhaps you’re considering not returning to teaching in the Fall?

Do you need or want to be reminded of why you became and still are a teacher?    Please read this wonderful post from Aiysha:



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