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Parents, It’s Time to STOP Undermining Our Kids’ Teachers!

Oh, did I love reading this post from Huff Post Parents Canada.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve observed parents “not being parents.”  Calling your child “bud,” “friend,” etc. totally negates the fact that you are really his/her parent/authority figure. Or –  allowing your child to make excuses and blaming someone else for their mistakes.  Not allowing them to fail to help them become a more mature adult who can accept responsibility.  The list goes on and on.  (Not that I was a “perfect parent,” BTW.)

So, tonight I just saw this wonderful post written by a husband of a 1st grade teacher.  It seems that he’s like my husband  who allowed me to “vent” for about 30 minutes each night that I returned from my 10 hour school days.

His plea for parents is to right on!  For instance,

Parents, you must advocate for your kids but you must also support your child’s teacher.

Parents, your child’s teacher cannot replace your role in your child’s education.

Parents, learned helplessness is your fault, not your child’s.

There’s more and each category is complete with personal observations.  So, pull up some decaffeinated coffee and receive some wisdom from a man who is a husband and father.  Praise God that my husband has as much wisdom as Blair King.



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