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Understanding Your Child’s Anger

The first time your little one shows anger it just about floors you!  As a mother, I was floored. I was wondering where he learned how to do that?  Then I remembered.  Children are born with this “nature” and we have to train them to how to deal with this feeling called anger and ways to use it appropriately.  We’ve all heard about “counting to 10.”  Does that work?  Usually not!

“Anger can challenge any of us to act with the emotional intelligence we ideally want to possess. The trick is becoming aware, stopping the escalation and calming down before we have fully lost our sensibilities. The hope and opportunity (and also, the challenge) is that our young children are watching and learning. If we avoid the chance to get angry and deal with it, then we lose the chance to show our children what it looks like to regulate our emotions. If we practice, plan and remind ourselves about the ways in which we’ll act and how we’ll calm down, we’ll be prepared to model an essential life skill and know we can face our greatest parenting challenges with a plan at the ready.”

Siblings screaming at each other, “That’s mine.  Mommy!”  The pre-schooler who absolutely won’t share his favorite robot with anyone (my son.)  A child who refuses to sit appropriately in a restaurant and screams NO loud enough to break glass!

So says, the author of confidentparentsconfidentkids.org.  She gives some wonderful strategies in her latest post entitled “Understanding Anger and Teaching Young Children How to Deal With it.”

Here’s the link to learn some wonderful strategies.  Obviously, not all strategies will work all the time, but it’s important to begin trying.

Understanding Anger and Teaching Young Children How to Deal with It

P.S. The author also recommends that we adults use these same strategies for ourselves.



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