We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

What is the point of school?

How would you answer this question?

“The point of school is not to get good at school but to effectively parlay what we learned in school in other learning and in life.”

This is what I tried to do every day with my former students.  For instance, I tried to attach a Math strategy and skill with real life situations, i.e. learning metric measurements and how it related to a 2L bottle of soda.

Passing my class was important, but passing life skills was far more important.

So here’s the life changing question:

What is the point of going to school anyhow?

Simply stated, it’s the ability to transfer what is taught in the classroom to life outside of the classroom.

“Many students do poorly on high-stakes tests because they don’t see that an unfamiliar-looking test question is related to something they learned.”

Here’s another thought about our end of the year testing that we must do:

“Most ‘test prep’ is thus an utter failure because it conflates the format with the rigor: teachers wrongly focus on practicing the test format (using low-level and familiar items) instead of practicing the test goal where the harder questions require transfer of learning.”

I just saw these ideas in a post from one of my favorite blogs, teachthought.com.  See if you can read this post before you institute this year end of the year testing.

Somehow make all of your state wide and/or Common Core requirements to match to real life situations.  

Here’s the link to this post.  Perhaps your Faculty can discuss this idea during the next couple of weeks?



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