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How to Make a Movie Trailer for a Book

YouTube, TV. videos, gaming, movie theaters, are all influencing our children and students.  How can we get them back to reading books and other print literature?

Here’s a really wonderful idea I just saw on teachthought.com that can bridge the gap between printed media and the “geeky” students we now have in our schools.

This morning I was in a classroom where some children were reading about Balto, the Sled Dog Hero.

How cool would it be if they had been asked to make a movie trailer using their cell phones or notebooks that would use the children to act out the parts of the story?  How about making a time line of the adventure?  Why not watch a YouTube that displays the wonder of Alaska habitats and weather storms?

I know these would be wonderful Friday afternoon activities or spread out through the week in Centers.

I know that our artistically capable students would love to paint a large poster board that advertises the Balto story.

Here’s the link to help you bridge to this wonderful idea:


Please let me know how you used these ideas to add some fun to the waning days of this school year.



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