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Are We Asking Stupid Questions?

Now that I have your attention…As teachers and/or parents, are we asking questions that really don’t allow for inquiry or research based answers?  

I know that I often ask “Why?” when given an answer by a student.  I even ask “Why?” when a child says “I’m good!”  I’ll then ask them to explain why they’re good?  They’re dumbfounded!  Try it and see if even this easy answer is so difficult for children to answer!  You’ll probably agree with me.

Moving on – once you get over this obstacle, what kind of questions can you ask that really do require some creative thinking and analysis to answer?

How about asking:

  1.  How might you convince me that your way is the best way?
  2. Why does that answer make sense to you?
  3. What do you think about what was said AND WHY?
  4. Predict possible endings to this story.
  5. How do the characters remind you of yourself?

Some of these questions are appropriate for Middle School…others can be used in Elementary Language ARts instruction.

Here’s the link to teachthought.com that gives you 50 questions to ask that help students think about what they think?



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