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6 Ways Students are Braver than We Give Them Credit For

Have you ever taught a child whose mother has just left her family to return to her homeland and does that on the exact morning that my student has to take a state wide standardized test?  Have you ever taught children who are not allowed to play outside because of gangs shooting each other at night around their homes?  Have you ever taught a child who was born to a mother who was Crack addicted?  Have you ever taught a child whose father is in prison?  Well, I have had the blessing (and challenge) to teach elementary children just like these.

So, how brave are your students?  Well, these three former students of mine were quite brave.  For instance, do your students really appreciate that they can attend a formalized school while millions of children around the world have no schools to attend?  If I were to bring that up, I probably would have had dozens of “rolled eyes” in my classroom.  Right?

I just saw this post from teachthought.com that encompasses so many of my former students and shows how brave they really were.  Please just sit down for a few minutes and put a name to each of these examples of bravery:



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