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Why Should You Read to Your Middle School Students?

Yes, most students in our Middle Schools can read and are probably not ESOL Level 1.  Do you also agree that pre-school children should be read to on a daily basis?  Of course, you do!

Given these two facts, do you also realize that hearing someone read “with expression and emotion” can also meet their needs to understand?  In addition, I know that our current students simply don’t know how to listen without “tuning out!” (unless they’re listening to itunes).  If there’s no photo or diagram attached to something, they don’t understand it.

So, what can we do to help our students use all of their learning capabilities?

Why not read to your Middle School students a few minutes each class period?  In History class, read some letters from the men who fought in wars?  In English class, why not read classic poetry or fictional writings with a lot of emotional turmoil?  Reading in Algebra class?  Maybe a biography of some great mathematicians like Galileo or Stephen Hawking?

Here’s a post from weareteachers.com that just may give you some motivation to begin this strategy:



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This entry was posted on February 15, 2017 by in home school instruction, Language Arts instruction, Special Ed teachers, teachers.


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