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How Can You Make Their Writing More Interesting?

Are you a teacher of Writing Skills?  Are you a Home School parent?

Are you preparing your students for their semi-annual writing samples?

Are they bored yet?

I know you’re “seeing” the end of this school year already!  So are your students by the way!  So, how can you make this future more exciting and yet challenging for the next 5 months?

Here’s a wonderful post by Oxford Press that does provide some engaging ideas about sharing Writing samples and adding adjectives and adverbs to make it a more interesting read.

The writer also suggest team writing of narrative ideas and/or poems.  That works even in elementary schools!  The children love it because they can talk and not get into trouble!

First of all, do they even know what a subject/verb is?  Most of my 3rd graders could find subjects in printed material but definitely not in their own creative sentences!  Do I hear an Amen to that?  Hopefully, middle school students have figure that out!

Here’s the link to the Oxford Press post that just might remind you of basic creative instruction.  It’ll take about 5″ for you to read but well worth it to inspire and motive your class to write for fun and learn along the way.

Making the Impossible Possible – Q&A session


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