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50 Crazy Ideas to Change Education

Let’s pretend that you’re attending a Professional Development Day and your Principal opens up the meeting with the question, “What would you change and/or fix in our school and our education plans?”  Imagine the initial quiet because of fear of being rebellious.  And then try to imagine what kind of ideas would be suggested by the staff.  Once the ball got rolling, creative ideas would start to roll out!

Some ideas would never be able to be implemented, of course, but some just may be easy to implement.  For instance, using another door for entering the cafeteria to hasten traffic control!  Or, how about older students reading to struggling younger students to encourage reading comprehension and word knowledge?

I once opened up this type of discussion with my former 3rd graders.  Of course, I got the suggestion that all testing on Fridays would be abolished!  I played the “I understand but I have to give you tests to show how much you’ve improved!” card.  Ha!  They also suggested ideas about seating and table arrangements (I used the oldie but goodie sociogram), and rewards for doing kind things to each other (that became my Rebecca Award).

Now, how about these 50 crazy ideas as presented on teachthought.com like:

using smartphones as a tool in classroom learning

holding students accountable for their success – no excuses and they need to find a way to help themselves succeed

push the government out of schools completely (now that’s a thought!)

make a school-wide project to help in the local neighborhood

So, if you’re a free thinker (or brave,) click onto this link and open up your school to discovery:



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