We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

Is your Principal perfect? Are you a perfect Manager?

Principals should be managers who understand humans.  I’ve had the privilege and blessing to work with an Assistant Principal who was always kind and supportive.  I’ve also worked with Principals and managers who were exactly the opposite.

I just saw this post on In that shares some insight from  Michelle Ann Patrovani’s heart and experience.  For instance, she feels that Principals should remember that they’re working with humans!  We have children at home to care for, we absolutely get sick a lot during our first year of teaching, and we spend way too much time in our classroom and don’t have any friends outside our school!  We became teachers because we love being an encourager of the next generation making leaders out of young minds.

Here is some statistical background:

“While student dropout rate has declined in the past decade, the current 6.5% status dropout rate (US DOE NCES, 2016) is still too high. National teacher attrition rate between 2011 – 2013, averaged 7.5% annually (US DOE NCES, 2014), equating to over 250,000 teachers leaving the profession each year. Of the 2012-13 “leavers,” 51 % reported better manageability of their current job work load and 53% reported that general work conditions in their current work was better than in teaching (US DOE NCES, 2014).”

I read this stat to mean that more teachers leave our profession each year than students!  I never knew that!  51% report that the job work load was the reason why they left!  I absolutely understand.

So, what’s a Principal to do to help keep their teachers?  Here’s a link that should be shared with all of your schools and management.  Let’s fix this now!




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