We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

Important Life Skills to Teach our Next Generation

As a parent who succeeded in raising two young men, I was always cognizant of teaching them to be independent and knowing how to live their life by themselves.  I always told them that they may not marry a fine woman at a young age.  They better be prepared to live alone for a while!

How did I do that?  By teaching them to sew on buttons, wash dishes, dress themselves, straighten up their bedrooms, use the microwave, make pancakes, clean up your own mess, etc.  We also taught them about tithing for God, manners, etc.

If you’re in the stage of preparing your children to become independent and need a list of life skills to teach, here’s your answer.  If you’re a teacher of younger children, you should also be teaching some of these same skills, by the way.  I have seen Special Ed teachers taking their students shopping to learn how to buy food that is healthy and affordable.  Parents should do the same things.

Here’s the post that may challenge and yet inspire you.



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