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25 Alternatives to Reading Aloud Around in Class

It’s halfway through this school year, and you’re probably looking for an alternative to make Reading/Language Arts more interesting in your classroom.  Right?  I just saw this post from an ELT teacher from Oxford University Press.  His ideas are designed for the ESL classroom, but they fit right in to a typical classroom, too.

His credentials?  “Philip Haines is originally from London, England but lives in Mexico City, where he has been working as a teacher and teacher trainer since moving there in 1995. He is an author/co-author on several ELT series published in Mexico, in the primary, secondary and adult segments. Philip works as the Senior Academic Consultant for Oxford University Press Mexico.”

His ideas include activities like “Stand up/sit down,” “sit down/stand up,” “click/clap,” and other fun filled ideas.  I know these ideas really work during these days when there’s no way to have Recess outside and they’re antsy like crazy.  These activities also reinforce Reading Comprehension and other strategies “with a twist.”

Here’s the link.  Let me know what you think.

25 Alternatives to Reading Aloud Around the Class


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