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What is the Difference between a Conclusion and an Inference?

Have you ever had a hard time explaining the difference between the Reading strategy of Inference and the strategy of Conclusion?  Good luck!

I’ve just seen a wonderful explanation of this difference proposed by a Reading specialist in Virginia, named Carla.  She just posted something that I believe is really useful for teachers and home schooling parents to use.  She’s even used visuals to help in this explanation.

For example, she says that an inference is figuring out missing information based upon information that is available.  Her definition of a conclusion is a judgment or decision based upon the information learned or observed.

As a challenge, what can you infer about the little girl in my image up above?  What can you then conclude about why she is so tired?

Please visit this post for further explanation.  I also think it’ll be a nice projection for your whiteboard/Smart Board.




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